Travel Photography in Delhi

Many Capital cities are a haven for photographers, but none have the character and mystic of Delhi. The history of the capital city of India dates back many years. This historical heritage is reflected in its marvels of architecture and the incredible character of its people.

Many hours can be spent in capturing its wonders with your camera, as there are so many famous tourist attractions to see and marvel. However if you are a professional photographer this in itself presents its issues and challenges. Because, despite all the colour and beauty of this historic place it has certainly been photographed before. You will need a fresh mind to seek out the unusual. But this should not be difficult as Delhi is a Mecca for tourists and the people of India, with many visiting every year.

As a keen amateur the beauty of the architecture and backdrops are a must for those holiday photos. Why, because everyone back home is familiar with the scenes in India.

Students of photography will have every opportunity to experiment in Delhi; the possibilities are endless to get that one shot that will stand out.

India Gate

A prominent landmark and one of India largest war memorials and was completed in 1931. It was built to commemorate the 70.000 lost lives of those fighting for the Indian Empire in both World War 1 and the Afghan wars. The arch is built from sandstone so captured in the right light is a photographic dream.

The Red Fort

It certainly lives up to its reputation as on of the most magnificent places in the world. Built form red sandstone hence its name. Some of the most notable dates in Indian history are associated with the Red Fort. It was here the British deposed the last Mughal ruler and where the first Indian Prime Minister announced that India was free from colonial rule.

Humayun's Tomb

The grieving widow of an Indian Emperor built the tomb. Here you can see the love for gardens and fountains the Mughals brought to India. The tomb was built around 1565 AD.

Raj Ghat

On this spot in January 1948 on the west bank of the river Yamuna the mortal remains of Gandhi were cremated.

The above are just an example of the places to take your camera for memorable photo opportunities.

The Streets

My times in Delhi were spent on the streets of the city in both Old and New Delhi. Take a guide and visit the local places were tourists tend not to visit and you will be treated to some exceptional scenes and memories. But always when photographing in foreign places please respect the people and culture. Here are a few of my tips on travel photography.

1. Before you travel gain as much local knowledge as you can.

2. Follow your own nose and seek out those special shots.

3. Choose the time of day carefully.

4. Learn a few local words to help mix with the local people.

5. Choose your camera equipment wisely and take into consideration how long you plan to shoot for.

6. Make note for your journal.

7. Be confident in your photography but do not offend.

8. Pack plenty of batteries and cards; yes we have all done it.

9. Let your hotel know where you intend to go and what time you expect to be back to the hotel.

10. Enjoy the experience but be safe.