Best Travel Photography Tips For Beginners on Vacation

How often do you return from a long-awaited vacation with bags of photos, only to never look at those snapshots again once you're home? This doesn't have to happen. In fact, by following some basic travel photography tips, you'll make sure that you return home with photos that you'll want to look at again and again, even if you are a beginner on vacation.

Most vacations offer plenty of stunning scenes to shoot. The first tip in capturing these images is to follow the rule of thirds. This rule basically states that you shouldn't place the subjects of your photos directly in the middle of the frame. By placing them off-center, you create a more visually appealing photo.

The rule of thirds also states that when shooting landscapes you should place the landscape slightly closer to the top or bottom of a photo. Photos are simply more interesting when they are asymmetrical. This is an essential tip that all photography beginners should learn!

All you budding photographers should also scan the scenes you want to photograph for interesting angles. Don't settle for a straight-on shot. You might snap a more arresting shot if you take it from your knees or if you look down from the top of a parking garage roof.

It's important, too, to be mindful of the position of the sun. Never have people line up for your photos so that they are staring straight into the sun. They'll surely be squinting when you snap your shot. Don't place your subjects directly in front of a light source, either. That will merely result in a silhouette when you snap your shot. This is a beginners error that you need to avoid. Through knowledge you will take better photographs and on vacation is a great place to practice.

Where should your subjects stand, then? Place them so that sunlight or any other light source falls on their side. Not only will this prevent both silhouettes and squinting, it will create a series of visually interesting shadows.

Today's digital cameras come with plenty of technology. Take advantage of it. This means using your camera's scene mode facility. This mode automatically sets your camera's settings depending on the time of day you are shooting, the amount of sunlight available and the type of shot, landscape or portrait, you are taking. The scene mode can help you snap some incredibly professional shots. As a beginner learning how your camera works will pay big benefits.

By following just a few travel photography tips, you can be sure that you'll bring home a photo album's worth of stunning shots of friends, family members, ocean views or mountain scenery. It just takes some practice with your camera, a few new shooting techniques and a willingness to use all the tech tools that come with your photography equipment.