Travel Photography - Don't Break the Rules!

The ten travel photography golden rules

Rule one. Plan your trip. Research on Google images what you want to shoot before you leave and write them in a small notebook.

Rule two. Insurance. Get all you serial numbers from your equipment before you leave your home. This can say you heaps of time if you loose equipment especially overseas.

Rule three. Customs. Customs at any airport does not know that your camera is second hand, they can often look at your camera and say "no that's a new camera that you have purchased on your trip and you will have to pay duty on it. Call customs before you leave and fill in the simple form that proves it was yours to start with.

Rule four. When you are overseas take your photos to a camera shop and get a disk of your photos made and post them back to yourself.

Rule five. Remember in Islamic countries not to photograph the women. Respect the local customs. Look on the web for any restrictions in the place that you are going to visit.

Rule six. Get people shots, landscapes and close ups of interesting things that you don't see everyday Try to capture things out of the ordinary.

Rule seven. Lenses. Take an 18 to 200 lens this will limit taking on and off your lens which in turn will keep your CCD clean.

Rule eight. Take a charger for your camera with a all country power adapter.

Rule nine. You get the best images early in the morning with no crowds. Hire a taxi early. They know where you will get the best shots.

Rule ten. Use your fill flash to brighten up your subjects even during the day. Practice this before you leave home. Look for the unexpected seek out guides, not tourist guides but just a local fisherman and his boat they will know where you will get that amazing off the beaten track photo.