Travel Photography Tips and Tricks

Travel photography means, a trip undertaken and images captured for remembrances of such trips. One should pack according to the type of trip to avoid carrying unimportant items or over-catering.

Some points to be borne in mind are:

• Proper gear: Although a high resolution camera takes great pictures, one must avoid such cameras if carrying the equipment in the trip is cumbersome. SLR camera with 1or 2 lenses and a stand-by battery generally meets all kinds of photography requirements.
• Explore: In order to have a unique collection of photographs of any place, one should be ready to put in a little effort to explore the place other than the routine routes. This may give glimpses which would otherwise get left out.
• Cater for extra: Keep stand-by batteries, rolls and memory cards in case they are not available during the trip. Also, 'bracketing' of photographs must be done so that one has at least three options of the same picture to choose from during the final editing.
• Correlate with theme: The photographs of a trip should be able to speak for themselves like a story. There should be connectivity between the place and the kind of snaps taken. For example, while trying to capture a festive look, there should be crowd; or while taking pictures of a desert, isolation should get captured.

One must make sure to take pictures but not miss out on enjoying the trip. While photographs form a narrative of the trip, it would also be a treat for others to get a glimpse of the characteristics and beauty of the place one visited.